About us

The company

Cyberdyne Security Consultancy is founded in 2017. Our team exists out of highly experienced and certified security experts. As the leading consultancy firm was succesfull in Western Europe we have chosen to our extended our working area to Dubai.

Our goal is to guide and support companies in the UAE to tighten their security and push it to the next level. We have a proven track record and are well on our way to be the leading cyber security consultancy firm within the UAE in the next 5 years.

The team

Our team of experts exists of 4 of the world’s elite and certified IT security experts with a combined expertise of over 50 years in IT and over 20 years in IT security. The team has executed countless penetration tests in all areas imaginable, and are also experienced in forensics, remediation and prevention. Each member of the team has worked for various fortune 500 companies and holds multiple internationally recognized IT security certifications.