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Certified Hacker, CAST611 Certified Advanced Penetration Tester, DevOps, AppSec

Security- vulnerability scan

Periodically scan your IT landscape for security risks Most companies think a quaterly security scan is expensive and¬†unnecessary. We can promise you it’s not. Look at the WannaCry ransomware outbreak for example. Companies did not patch vulnerabilities ontime and some did not even have one¬†vulnerability scan done and are now wrangled by this ransomware worm. […]

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Decrypt #WannaCry encrypted files #Ransomware

WannaCry ransomware Decryption of your encrypted files We have been following #WannaCry since day one and are on top of this spread every hour. This guide is the most promissing one we have seen so far. Still, be carefull and hire a skilled and certified IT professional. Do not try this without technical skills! Important […]

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We just got hacked, now what?

Has the security of your company just been compromised? Is there a possible infection with malware or ransom-ware and are you not sure what to do? Contact us immediately and let us deal with the professional assessment, forensics, remediation and future prevention.   We just got hacked – how do we get safe again and […]

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Security assessment

Are your company secrets and client data safe? Dare to find out. We can execute a thorough security assessment of your IT landscape on-site and help you with¬†possible security issues and/or threats before hackers find them! If you are already working towards PCI DSS compliant then its even mandatory to execute a full pen-test. Let […]

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Cyber security in the heart of Dubai

Dubai is growing fast and its very difficult to stay on top of the game in IT security. It’s therefor we moved our company to Dubai to be able to supply cyber security services on excellence level. On site and off site. As of march 1, 2017 we are fully operational in Dubai and Sharjah […]

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Penetration testing

Ready for the next phase in cyber security? We can execute a full penetration test on your complete IT landscape or a pre-defined segment of systems. From routers to web-applications, database servers and active directory domains. Our experts are up to date with the latest techniques and operating systems. We will execute the pen-test on-site. […]

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