Security- vulnerability scan

Periodically scan your IT landscape for security risks

Most companies think a quaterly security scan is expensive and unnecessary. We can promise you it’s not. Look at the WannaCry ransomware outbreak for example. Companies did not patch vulnerabilities ontime and some did not even have one vulnerability scan done and are now wrangled by this ransomware worm.

We did the math for you and the money that is spend now on; 1) getting the data back and 2) update or migrate all outdated machines is twice as expensive as doing 1 vulnerability scan every month for 3 years.

Recurring security scans

For the next years we can expect more of these ransomware worms. And they will be more and more advanced over time. Scanning your IT landscape for vulnerabilities became high priority. Our scan engine can help you with this task. Our engine can watch your systems on a monthly basis or quaterly basis. Just schedule a vulnerability scan and set it to ‘monthly’ or ‘quaterly’ recurring and your done. You will be informed by e-mail when our scanner finishes.

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